The Compact Innovation in Steel Tongue Drums: Mini Pulsar

The Mini Pulsar is truly a marvel among Steel Tongue Drums. With a diameter of just 38 cm, a height of 13 cm, and a mere weight of 2.3 kg, it defies its small size by accommodating up to 15 notes, providing a vast musical range. This compact, lightweight solution empowers musicians to carry their cherished instrument on adventures, whether scaling a mountain or enjoying a picnic.

The creation of this downsized YW Pulsar version was a formidable challenge. Maksim Yudin delved into the quest for suitable materials, pioneered a novel hydroforming machine, and rigorously tested the material’s limits to faithfully preserve the Pulsar’s distinctive sound characteristics. The outcome is a portable, user-friendly instrument that comfortably rests on your lap and even snugly fits into a backpack.

What’s particularly remarkable is its user-friendliness. Thanks to its diminutive size and closely spaced notes, playing the Mini Pulsar demands only wrist and finger movements. This accessibility makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of players, from novices to seasoned musicians.

The historical journey and evolution of steel tongue drums have culminated in the thrilling introduction of the Mini Pulsar. In the 1990s, when these instruments initially emerged, they were large, unwieldy, and astounded both in their appearance and sound. Nevertheless, in 2000, PanArt unveiled the Hang, an enchanting yet expensive steel drum that captured the attention of musicians from diverse backgrounds.

Following its market debut, more affordable counterparts, or analogs, began to surface, marking the beginning of a transition. Initially met with skepticism as mere imitations or playthings, the manufacturers of these drums faced the daunting task of altering public perception.

The emergence of these alternative steel tongue drums ignited a competitive spark, propelling makers to enhance their instruments. They focused on refining sound quality and fine-tuning overtones. In 2014, Tongue Drum like the Rav, YW Pulsar and Guda introduced innovative sound generation technologies and nuanced overtone tuning.

Over time, the number of Hang manufacturers increased, with high-quality instruments consistently commanding a hefty price tag. Cheaper alternatives often produced poor sound quality yet came with a price tag similar to that of a quality Steel Tongue Drum. In this competition, the rich, voluminous sound and capabilities of these instruments undoubtedly had the upper hand.

Now, the Pulsar has gained another advantage – its compactness.

Nevertheless, handpans remain recognized for their substantial size and weight, making them unwieldy for travel. This inspired a demand for smaller, more portable steel tongue drums that could deliver the same rich, distinctive sound. In response, Maksim Yudin embarked on the challenge, ultimately giving birth to the Mini Pulsar.

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