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the easiest way into the world of music.

Just imagine a musical instrument that you don't have to learn. Every Pulsar has a sequence of notes that are harmonized. You don't have to worry about playing the correct notes, whether you're using it for playing at home, meditation, sound healing, a yoga class, or a professional scene.

  • I love the ability to choose my own scale- and then I can edit it on the virtual player and custon make a scale of my choice- I ordered a... read more

    Cheyenne Dane Avatar Cheyenne Dane

    I love my Pulsars from Yudin Workshop! Nobody works with you to create custom tongue drums on the same level as Maksim. They feel great, the sound is... read more

    Sean Youngman Avatar Sean Youngman

    Received my drum a few years back. Love it.

    steve pakus Avatar steve pakus
  • One of the best tongue drums is made here.

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    ライズィバッハさち子 Avatar ライズィバッハさち子

    great product and service. I love the ability to customize your drum. The online scale tester is a great feature.

    jvespalin Avatar jvespalin

    Fabrication d'un bon instrument Tong Drum. Complaisance du vendeur et bonne livraison

    Marc Ducarme Avatar Marc Ducarme
  • It was amazing experience to explore all different scales on the Yudin Workshop site and really tough choice which Pulsar should I order. After a long process of playing with... read more

    Jakub Řehoř Avatar Jakub Řehoř

    What an awesome experience to have this beautiful instrument custom made for me by Maksim and Yudin Workshop! The sound of my tongue drum and the act of playing it... read more

    Mitch Cook Avatar Mitch Cook

    Personally the best Tongue Drums out there in the market! So many options and the tonal quality is so warm! Maxim is such a nice guy to work with. Can't... read more

    madhujith venkatakrishna Avatar madhujith venkatakrishna
  • Yudin workshop makes wonderful and unique instruments. The Pulsar has a distinct warm and melodious sound. Also a trustworthy small company that offers personal service with customizable instruments. Highly recommended!

    Julius Rantala Avatar Julius Rantala

    Yudin Workshop makes excellent tongue pan instruments that are accurately tuned, a joy to play, fairly priced, and beautiful to look at! You can select from many pre-defined scales or... read more

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    John L Rice Avatar John L Rice

    Profesjonalne podejście i doskonała jakość!

    Ападролп Рывпапалагд Avatar Ападролп Рывпапалагд
  • Fantastic experience. The craftsmanship is fast, attentive to customers. The sound quality + tuning are perfect. I recommend the Pulsar after each of my meditation concerts.

    Anthony Elfort Avatar Anthony Elfort

    Purchased in 2022. Such a beautiful instrument, made with care & passion. The scale editor on the website is amazing! Maksim is responsive to feedback and provided timely... read more

    simon h Avatar simon h

    Very beautiful sound and good quality. I'm so happy to have one

    poisondereve Handpan musician Avatar poisondereve Handpan musician
  • Excellent product and great communication!

    jesse jonesberg Avatar jesse jonesberg

    Maksim Yudin, the inventor of the Pulsar Drum, makes incredible instruments. You can order a completely customized drum, too. He makes each one to order and they are the most... read more

    E Avatar E

    I would thoroughly recommend the pulsar as an amazing instrument. It has an unusually warm timbre for a steel drum, marking it out amongst its contemporaries. I own 3 makes... read more

    pegs Avatar pegs
  • This is a deeply beautiful instrument with endless and subtle possibilities. Gratitude to Yudin Workshop for the art and skill that go into this creation.

    Matt Avatar Matt

    Nice instrument to play on

    VALLiD Avatar VALLiD

Easy choice

We have 12 popular sound models in our shop. The Virtual Pulsar is built into each product card, so you can listen to all models without leaving the page.

Something that others can't

Create your own unique Pulsar with our specially designed sound model editor. Artificial intelligence will analyze your sound model and allow you to add notes automatically while preserving the mood and harmony. Edit a comprehensive list of standard scales, manually add notes, transpose, and much more.

The instrument's body is crafted from structural steel through hydroforming, and the notes are cut by hand. The acrylic coating protects the steel from corrosion and makes caring for the instrument easier.

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Expand your sound palette

Write to us, and we will help you find a complementary instrument to the one you already have. Expand the scale range or create an alternate mood instrument in the same key.

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