We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your question here, please write to us and we will be happy to answer you within a day.

In our Store you will find a selection of the most common sound models, you can add the ones you like to your shopping cart and then buy them by choosing a payment method in the Cart section. You can also go to the Create section, and after experimenting there, make a custom sound model and add it to the cart.

We work with PayPal payment service, so you can pay using PayPal, credit or debit cards if you don't have a PayPal account, and other methods depending on your country.

Contact us and we come up with something for you.

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for Pulsar.

In the product cards of our store you can see the quantity in stock. We usually make Pulsar to order, but ready-made instruments may appear. Follow our news and you will not miss the update.

Write to us and tell about your proposal, we will definitely consider it. Information regarding partnerships is presented on the Partnership page.

The production of one Pulsar takes 1 week, but do not forget about the order queue. After the purchase, you will have access to your personal account and the ability to track the status and queue of your order.

It always depends on many factors. We ship by airmail in secure boxes, average delivery time to Europe 6-8 days, America 12-16 days.

According to the rules of international trade, customs duties are paid by the buyer. The rates depend on your country. EU buyers do not have customs duties and any other fees. All Yudin Workshop products are manufactured and shipped from our workshop in Poland.

We pack Pulsars in tight cardboard boxes with polystyrene inserts, which provides protection against mechanical damage. We also wrap the instruments themselves in foil, which prevents their contact with moisture during transportation. This packaging is time-tested and has proven itself excellently.

You can use For Beginners sorting type in our store. But remember that this is a convention, all of our instruments are very easy to learn and you shouldn't be afraid of instruments with a lot of notes.

The best sound model for you is the one after listening to which you say WOW. Just listen to our selection of the most common sound models in the store. Yes, you can listen to them all right in the product cards.

Of course, choose the sound model you like, click on name, then click Edit Sound Model, then select 432 hertz in the editor and you can hear the changes in the Virtual Pulsar.

We can offer 4 types of notes layouts for right and left-handed customers in 6 colors. Unfortunately, there are no other design options.

Yes of course. You can select the Accessories section in the store to see these items separately.

We give a 3-year warranty. Read more about the warranty on the terms and conditions page.

Our instruments that were produced before October 2021 can rust on contact with moisture. To prevent this, you need to take care of your instrument and store it properly. You can read more about this on the Service page. All new instruments are coated with a very thin layer of matt varnish which protects your instrument from corrosion.

All life if the notes areas and the glue seam along the contour were not mechanically damaged. It does not require tuning.

Yes of course. We recommend using soft mallets in order to avoid mechanical damage to the note zones. We can also offer YW Mallets specially designed for Pulsar.

For all instruments that were produced before October 2021 you should use special oils for handpan, or for preserving weapons. We strongly discourage the use of natural oils (coconut oil, for example). When heavy soiling use alcohol for cleaning, then apply an oil. Your Pulsar should always have a thin protective film of oil. It should not be completely dry or, on the contrary, very wet with oil. It should be nice to the hands and not stain your clothes. All new instruments do not require daily maintenance. You can simply wipe off any dust or dirt with a slightly damp cloth. We strongly advise against the use of alcohol or bast cleaning chemicals for cleaning new generation instruments, as these substances will damage the varnish.

You should store your Pulsar in a dry, ventilated place to avoid contact with moisture. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight on the drum, the sun can very strongly heat the surface of the steel and destroy the glue line. Remember how they fried eggs in the desert on the hot sand? This is the power of the sun.