The Compact Innovation in Steel Tongue Drums: Mini Pulsar

The Mini Pulsar is truly a marvel among Steel Tongue Drums. With a diameter of just 38 cm, a height of 13 cm, and a mere weight of 2.3 kg, it defies its small size by accommodating up to 15 notes, providing a vast musical range. This compact, lightweight solution empowers musicians to carry their […]

Right mallets for Tongue Drum

How to play the Tongue Drum? You can use your hands, extracting the desired sound by touching and sliding your fingers on the instrument, as well as using right Mallets. The proper selection of mallets is crucial for playing a Tongue Drum. While mallets are an essential part of the playing experience, uncontrolled and excessively […]

The color that’s not a color

Dear friends, As per your requests, we are bringing back the color that’s not a color. Starting from September 2021, we have been producing instruments coated with varnish. Six stunning colors not only catch the eye, but also allow the owners to save time on care. Simply wipe the surface of the instrument with a […]

Big updates!

Dear all, back in the summer we announced an update of our website. To be honest, we planned to do it in a month, but… It took almost half a year. You won’t find big visual changes, but under the hood…