Our company has been producing steel tongue drums since 2014. Our production is based in Poznan, Poland (EU). We are the only manufacturer of the Pulsar musical instrument in the world and making our products of the highest quality. We specialize in custom instruments, but also offer a selection of popular sound models in our store. We ship Pulsars globally with reusable, secure packaging. We’re open to cooperation and seeking partners for retail and affiliate programs.

Benefit from free worldwide shipping and a VAT of 0%.

If you own a local store or an online store with a warehouse, or are interested in selling Pulsars in your local market, we would be happy to provide you with bulk purchase conditions. A partnership with our company will allow you to reach a wider audience, attract new customers, and increase revenue, as our conditions are favorable for your business.

If you have an audience that may be interested in Pulsar, whether they be amateur or professional musicians or individuals who organize yoga classes or perform sound healing, you’ll love our affiliate program. Simply share your unique link to our online store to start earning commissions. Our commission rates are generous and the customer discounts will attract them.

Please reach out to us. Kindly include details about your company or store and the resources you have available.

Let’s grow our businesses together!