Terms and Conditions

1. Placing an order

1.1. Select the sound model you like in our online store (Shop section) and click on the shopping cart icon. You can play individual notes and the whole scale directly in the product card without leaving the store page. Then in the Cart section, check your order and proceed to payment.

1.2. In the Create section, you can create a unique sound model, and then click on the shopping cart icon. Go to the Cart section, check your order and select a payment method.

2. Payment

2.1. By choosing a payment method, you confirm your acceptance of this agreement.

2.2. We accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. As well as Swift transfers in euros to our bank account. Payment is made through PayPal, so you can always feel secure when shopping. In addition, local payment services which cooperating with PayPal are available in some countries.

2.3. If you need a payment plan, please contact us, we will definitely come up with something.

2.4. The amount you see when you complete the payment is final. All taxes are already included in this amount.

3. Waiting time and production

3.1. If the paid Pulsar or accessory is in stock, we will send it within 2-3 business days after you confirm the video with this drum.

3.2. If this sound model is not in stock (which happens often since we make almost all the instruments for order), or you ordered a custom instrument, then after crediting the paid amount to our account, we put your order in the queue. The production time for one instrument takes 1 week. The waiting time in the queue depends on the workload of the production. Usually it is 1-3 weeks, more exact terms we will send you by letter.

4. Order cancellation and changes

4.1. If you paid, but decided to cancel the order while waiting for the order to be ready (the goods have not been shipped yet), then:

 4.1.1. If you bought a ready-made Pulsar or a Pulsar from our store, we will cancel your order and refund the full amount paid.

 4.1.2. If you bought a custom sound model in the Create section, and your drum has not yet been put into operation (is in the queue), then we will cancel your order and refund the full amount paid.

 4.1.3. If you bought a custom instrument in the Create section, and your instrument has already been put into operation (the process of cutting notes), then we will cancel your order and refund 70% of the amount you paid for this instrument. We leave a commission of 30% of the amount paid for the materials. Payment for accessories and other ready-made Pulsars is fully refundable.

4.2. If you paid for the order, but in the process of waiting you decide to make changes, please let us know as soon as possible. If your instrument has not yet entered production (the notes cutting process) and is in the queue, we can change your order. If your instrument is already in production, then unfortunately we cannot make changes.

5. Your Pulsar is ready

5.1. After your order is ready, you will receive an email to the address you specified when making a purchase. The mail will contain a link to a private video with your instrument. You will be able to check its sound and appearance.

5.2. If you are satisfied with the result, we send your parcel within 2-3 business days, and provide you with a tracking number.

5.3. If the result does not suit you, then we are open to dialogue. We can partially change the sound model to improve the sound (negotiated separately), or completely remake the instrument at our expense (the number of iterations is limited). When buying a drum in the shop section, we can refund the full amount paid. If your Pulsar was purchased in the Create section, then we reserve the right to withhold 30% of the cost as compensation for the materials used.

6. Delivery

6.1. Worldwide shipping is free.

6.2. We deliver all over the world by Polish Post air way. If delivery within the EU, it can be carried out by DPD courier service.

7. Safety of the goods during the delivery process

7.1. We send instruments packed in cardboard boxes with foam inserts. Also, the drum and the box are wrapped in a film. This packaging is very reliable and time-tested.

7.2. If the package is badly damaged upon receipt, please take a photo of the package and contents. If you receive a damaged instrument, we can offer you a partial refund or return the drum with a full refund of the amount paid. The buyer is responsible for return shipping.

7.3. The buyer is obliged to report damage of the instrument within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the parcel (confirmed by the track number), otherwise the buyer is responsible for the repair.

7.4. If the instrument was lost during transportation, then we will submit an application to search for the parcel (consideration by post office takes 2-3 months). If the post office confirms the loss of the package, we will make you the same new instrument out of turn and resend it at our own expense.

8. Customs duties

8.1. Each country has its own import duties. Before buying, you must check the details with the customs office of your country. The seller is not responsible for the fees applied by the customs in the buyer’s country.

8.2. Buyers from EU countries do not pay customs duties on our products.

9. Guarantees

9.1. Tuning

 We give a lifetime warranty on tuning, except for mechanical damage (bumps, deflection of notes contours, body damage, etc.). We use a very precise digital system designed especially for us. Since the Pulsar belongs to the group of idiophones and emits sound by vibration of its body or part of it, and does not have the ability to adjust the pitch, therefore the pitch may vary slightly in different temperature conditions. Tuning is made at a temperature of +20…+23 C and air humidity of 50-60%.

9.2. Glue

 The Pulsar is made of 2 steel hemispheres glued together. We give a 2-year warranty on the adhesive seam. If the operating conditions are observed, the adhesive does not break down over time.

9.3. Varnishing and rust

 The outer side of the Pulsar is covered with several layers of acrylic paint, as well as a layer of acrylic matte varnish. The inside is coated with acrylic primer. This will protect the steel from rust under normal operating conditions, but we cannot guarantee 100% rust protection. In an aggressive environment (tropical climate, sea water, high temperature, etc.) or a long period of time, rust may appear.

9.4. In the event of a warranty case, please contact us for free repair, compensation or instrument replacement. The buyer is responsible for return shipping to the manufacturer.

10. Conditions for normal use and care of the Pulsar

10.1. Please note that Pulsar is a musical instrument and should be handled with care.

10.2. The temperature environment of use should not be lower than -15 C and not higher than +35 C. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, it can heat up the drum and damage the glue line or the coating.

10.3. Store the drum in a ventilated area at temperatures not exceeding +35 C and humidity not exceeding 70%. Avoid direct sunlight, for example, do not leave the drum on the windowsill on a sunny day.

10.4. Avoid getting water inside the drum. In case of water ingress, remove the plug from the bottom of the instrument, wipe the inside of the instrument with a soft cloth, and leave to air out for a while.

10.5. Avoid exposure to salt water and salt sand, as salt accelerates rust formation. Wipe down your instrument every time you play on the beach.

10.6. Avoid getting solvents, alcohol, and degreasers on the surface of the instrument, as this may damage the finish.

10.7. If the coating is damaged for some reason (chip, deep scratch, etc.), then you have two ways to prevent rust: 1) periodically wipe the damaged area with handpan care oil (WD40, Froglube, Ballistol, Gunex 2000 and similar oils are suitable ); 2) carefully apply any available varnish (for example, nail polish) to the damage site.

10.8. The surface of the instrument coated with varnish (all models from September 2021) does not need to be wiped with oil, just wipe it with a slightly(!) damp soft cloth.

11. Return of the delivered goods

11.1. If you have purchased a ready-made instrument or a standard instrument from our Store, and for some reason it did not suit you, then you can return it to us and we will refund you the full amount paid. Please make sure the instrument is in its original condition and in its original packaging. Return shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

11.2. If you have purchased a custom Pulsar, unfortunately we cannot make a return.

11. Seller details:


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