The color that’s not a color

Dear friends,

As per your requests, we are bringing back the color that’s not a color.

Starting from September 2021, we have been producing instruments coated with varnish. Six stunning colors not only catch the eye, but also allow the owners to save time on care. Simply wipe the surface of the instrument with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust, keeping the instrument in a dry place. The sound of the instrument remains unchanged and is still as beautiful and recognizable as before.

A year later, we improved the varnishing technology by adding additional protection against corrosion, as requested by customers living in very humid tropical climates. At the same time, we started thinking about the possibility of producing instruments without coating in pure steel, since a significant part of our community are old-school followers.

We had to tinker a bit to fit several different technological processes into our workshop. Now in our smart Editor, you can choose the RAW color, which means that the surface of your drum will have a dark blue steel color and be oiled. In this case, you will need to remember to take care of your instrument. Periodically wiping with handpan oil or gun oil. In case of corrosion, you will be able to notice it at the earliest stage and easily eliminate it in a home environment.

Thank you to our community and join us!


Maksim Yudin

Yudin Workshop