Our company has been producing musical instruments since 2014. Production is located in Poznan, Poland (EU). We are the only manufacturers of the Pulsar musical instrument in the world, therefore, our products are of the highest quality. We specialize in making custom instruments, but we also have a selection of classic sound models in our store. We ship our Pulsars all over the world in well-designed and safe packaging that can be reused. We love to cooperate and are looking for partners for retail. We provide discounts for bulk purchases according to the following scheme:

When you purchase 8 or more instruments the discount is 25%,
6 or more the discount is 20%,
4 or more the discount is 15%,
2 or more the discount is 10%.

Delivery is already included in the price of the instruments. The tax is also included in the price. We do not adjust the final price for your clients, you determine the price yourself.
If you want to become our partner please contact us. We ask you to indicate the details of your company or store, and what resources you have.