• Top part is made from 2 mm steel
  • Bottom part is made from 1 mm steel
  • Diameter is 53 cm
  • Height is 17 cm
  • Weight is about 5 kg
  • Musical range is E2 - E5
  • From 8 to 16 notes on one instrument
  • 3 types of note layouts
  • For left or right handed players
  • 440 or 432 Hz pitch standard
  • 4 colors of finishing
About Pulsar

What Pulsar is?

The Pulsar is steel pitched percussion musical instrument. It means that the sound formation is based on the special «tongues» which are carved in steel surface. Such tongues have a free oscillation and you hear it like musical notes, so you should hit it to get a sound.


Yes. The main thing is special tongues, for ease of understanding we call it simply - notes. The Pulsar notes have up to 9 splits, which are also tuned in special frequency. Such frequencies are called harmonics. These harmonics provide warm and rich sound. And of course each basic harmonics can be played separately.

And how to play on it?

Each Pulsar is tuned to a certain scale (set of notes also known as sound model) and within this scale every note is in harmony with the rest. That means you don’t need to learn music theory in order to start playing Pulsar. Playing on it is intuitive, use percussive patterns and compose melodies. Pulsar can have up to 16 notes in the range of E2 - E5, and can be tuned to any scale. Just go to the Virtual Pulsar and Scale Editor to create your Pulsar with us.

So, how is it produced?

In the beginning we make shells. Shell is a spin-formed steel hemisphere. Then we heat treat these blanks. After that we put the marks of notes layout on the surface and cut out all notes. The next step is the first tuning, after which our shell begins to have a sound. Then we polish and prepare shells for super secret YW Treatment technology which gives the best musical characteristic for steel and beautiful colours of instrument surface, which additionally protect steel from corrosion. Then we glue together top and bottom sides with special adhesive. After 3 days we tune it a second time. Now, having passed quality control, this is a ready-made YW Pulsar.

Yudin Workshop

Who is this guy?

This is Maksim Yudin. He is an audiophile, musician, designer and dreamer. In 2012, accidentally, along with friends, he became interested in the Hang sound sculpture. For a long time he tried to do this amazing musical instrument with his own hands. Then alternative ideas came up and he started working on Pulsar. In 2017, Pulsar was born and workshop was opened. In 2019, Yudin Workshop moved to Poznan (Poland), now all Pulsars produce and ship from here.

Our philosophy

The work done by the hands of a man, unlike a machine, is always individual and unique, the result of such work carries the creator's emotions, energy and the warmth of his hands. We make all of our musical instruments by hands. Each drum is a sound sculpture carved out of steel. There will never be two absolutely identical instruments, even with the same scale. Each instrument is custom-made with the client in mind. This is our main philosophy and we strongly hold to it.